As a native English speaker, I struck on the traveling jackpot. Wherever I go in the world, I don’t have a problem communicating with individuals. English is the lingua franca of the planet, and when anything in another language, it is always Language. In hostels, individuals from all over the planet converse with one another in English, so I will always find a dialogue to combine. I am never constrained by language.

And even if individuals are not fluent in English, they probably understand enough for me to purchase water, receive the invoice, or find my way into the train station with no issues. While there’ve been times where I have had to find inventive with nonverbal communication, for the most part, communication is significantly simpler for me as an English speaker than it’s for my friends out of Germany or Portugal.

Seen Ukraine this past month

Out of all of the countries, I have been around, Ukraine ranks number one on the listing of areas where nobody appears to talk English.

It might seem like hyperbole to state that. Certainly, some folks need to speak some English, right? Some do. People who interact with tourists or function in international restaurants may understand a couple of words. But regular Ukrainians? Those that I encountered could not even know words such as “water,” “train,” “invoice,” or “thank you.”

Now, I am not one of these tourists who needs the natives know my speech. I do not really expect anybody to become fluent in English, just like someone from the other place would not expect me to become fluent in their own language. But given how pervasive English is about the planet, many people in important cities can declare something. So I am constantly surprised and curious when people do not speak English.

However, you know what? The dearth of English did not turn me off Ukraine.

Actually, confronted with an incomprehensible script (Cyrillic) and nobody about to talk English with, I was really excited by Ukraine. While it had been almost impossible to go about and request assistance, I looked at it as a battle. I spent 20 minutes staring at a training program to find out which train was mine. I got creative when seeking to talk with individuals. I pointed a great deal at things I desired.